Commercial Rental

An office move or renovation can be challenging. GoBac moving boxes gives you a quick, easy and safe way to pack and start your new venture

Gobac Moving Boxes

50 x more durable than a corrugated box

Easier to transport

Perfect for office files

With attached lid

Dimensions: 27X17X12


Computer Cart

A safer way to move and transport computer screens, computers and electronics

Dimensions: 48X24X60


Quilted Computer Screen Covers

To protect your computer screen

Up to 36”


Commercial Wood Bins

For hardware and all other material such as: stackable chairs, office chairs, small to medium size printers, picture frames and everything else that does not fit in the regular size bin. From wood on wheels

Dimensions: 48X24X35

Moving Dolly

For easy moving of our plastic bins, office furniture and file cabinets

Dimensions:  18X30

Capacity of 1200 lbs


Tie Wrap


Four Shelf Library Cart

Four shelf library cart sturdily constructed. Designed for moving and storing books, files, medical and legal documents.
Load Capacity: 500 lbs

Dimensions: 36X18X54


Partition Dolly

Steel panel cart with 2 uprights and a carpeted wood base and heavy duty 6” wheels

Dimensions: 26″ X 30″ X 35″

 2,000 lb. capacity


Perfect to identify the bins and easily removable, Size: 4”X3”

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