Your best vehicle for the job and Moving Truck Rentals Montreal

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Your best vehicle for the job and Moving Truck Rentals Montreal

Are you planning a do-it-yourself move? One of the most important considerations will be renting the right vehicle for your needs. You will need to think about things like the size of the truck, items you will be moving, distance of the move, when your move will take place, necessary moving equipment, who will be driving and budget.

Choosing the right vehicle

You will want to keep in mind the size of a moving truck or van, depending on the extent of your personal properties. Too much excess space inside the vehicle could actually cause items to slide around. Ideally, you do not wish to move with an unnecessarily large ride, in order to optimize fuel consumption. On the other hand, do not underestimate your capacity needs, causing extra trip(s), mileage and time.
Many numeric guides are available on the internet to give an idea of how many cubic feet of truck per bedroom or fully furnished room to calculate. One rule of thumb is to estimate 3 cubic feet of truck per room to move. So:

  • if 7 rooms, a 20 foot truck. Or,
  • 150 cubic feet of truck space for each fully furnished room.
  • 12 ft truck = 450 cu ft;
  • 16 ft truck = 800 cu ft;
  • 22ft truck = 1200 cu ft;
  • 26 ft truck = 1400 cu ft.

Go Bac boxes
Watch how GoBAC stack a 20 ft truck!

Moving Tips

  • prepare a moving checklist by walking through your home and making notes
  • Don’t move worn-out appliances or furniture. These are heavy and bulky items and can add to your moving costs. Depending on the condition, consider selling or donating them for a more cost-efficient move

What do you need

A self-move will require a bit of extra planning on your part. You will need certain tools and items, such as moving boxes, a moving dolly or hand truck, packing paper and helping hands. Also find out if the truck you are considering has a ramp or hydraulic lift.

Contact GoBAC to rent reusable moving boxes as well as other moving products for your move.

When will you move?

Depending on your situation (renter, buyer) you may or may not have flexibility as to your moving dates. As a buyer, ownership date can be negotiated to a certain degree. As a renter, you will likely be subject to the availability and lease conditions attached.

Keep in mind, summer (May-September) is peak period for moving. Additionally, the end of the month can be busy for truck rentals, as leases tend to operate on a first-to-last-of-month term. Make reservations early, especially during these peak times.

Moving locally? Find Montreal truck rental companies.

Also be mindful of weather / temperature factors. If moving during peak summer, you may wish to ask whether the vehicle is air conditioned.

GoBAC plastic moving boxes are weather-resistant, for all-weather moving concerns.

Cost considerations

Some questions you may wish to ask about your moving rental vehicle when considering budget factors:

  • Do the trucks have gas or diesel engines?
  • How many miles to the gallon will the truck get when it’s full of stuff?
  • Are there mileage charges or insurance fees on the vehicle?

Who will be there?

Remember, do-it yourself moves will require helpers. Recruit at least one or 2 committed family members or friends to give you some extra hands to make the job easier on you. Decide who will drive and think about asking:

  • Do the vehicles have automatic or manual transmission?
  • How many adults can ride comfortably?

The better you plan for your move day, the less surprises you can expect and the faster you can get the job done!

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