Flooding: A New Trend

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Living by the water can be a serene and peaceful experience, but with increasing climate change one needs to be prepared. Flooding has become a growing concern, as it can happen at different points during the year (December to January or March to May). The city of Montreal points out several different causes; spring melt, damming and frazil (accumulation of soft ice). The latter occurs when colder temperatures follow warmer ones, whereas spring melt, occurs due to increased snowfall and rapid melting during the change of season.

An overflow of water in a residential area can last for days, as the water is slow moving  and asphalt and concrete are non-absorbent. GoBac can help you manage these unexpected disasters. Property damage, increasing costs and time, become an unwanted burden. GoBac offers a stress free solution, with their water resistant, environmentally friendly, reusable plastic moving boxes.

Why Choose GoBac reusable plastic moving boxes?

  • Affordable, quick and easy
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Solid and Water Resistant
  • Easily Stacked
  • Clean, Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Go Healthy!

Flooding can cause moisture to stay in the air and cause mold build up. GoBac boxes keep bacteria caused by humidity out. Gone are the days of flimsy cardboard boxes, filled with dust and mildew. GoBac reusable plastic moving boxes go through an extensive cleaning process and offer a cheap, safe, and non-absorbent alternative.

Cardboard Headaches v.s. GoBac Relief

  • Cardboard absorbs unwanted water while GoBac boxes are water resistant
  • Cardboard is easily broken while GoBac boxes are solid and sturdy
  • Cardboard boxes attract dirt while GoBac boxes are clean and dust-free
  • Cardboard boxes require pick-up while GoBac boxes are brought to your door
  • Cardboard boxes are expensive while GoBac boxes are affordable and flexible

Make a Positive Change!

Don’t miss the opportunity to protect your belongings from the damaging effects of flooding. GoBac will save you time, space, and energy. Give yourself some peace of mind and choose GoBac.

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