What is the cost of 25 new cardboard box Vs. 25 GoBac moving bins

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What is the cost of  25 new cardboard box Vs.  25 GoBac moving bins 

Price of 1 #moving #box 4.99

Add tape $7.00

Add $10.00 for gas

Total $141.75

4-5 hours to build the boxes

With GoBac.ca so easy.

Order online: 25 moving bins

Delivery : free

Pickup: free

TOTAL $75.00

Economical Efficient  Eco Friendly  

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Office Renos – Love Your New Workspace

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Office Renos – Love Your New Workspace

“Day 1 of office renovations. Time to activate every single stress management technique I have simultaneously.” – Dr. Lydia, ND

Renovating a workplace can be important to reflect the business style and needs, as well as essential to maintenance and repair. If your office needs updating, this is a positive indication that the business has been established long enough to merit the renewal. Change is good.

Optimize space, be cost-efficient

Furniture and walls become worn and or dated. Floors take much damage from workplace traffic. A workspace should have a modern, clean appeal. A renovation can add comfort, use and value. Most importantly, it is key to optimize space while remaining cost-efficient. An office renovation is a large project and many things need to be considered. It can sometimes be a challenge deciding where to begin.

Plastic moving bins for storage

Time-efficiency is money-efficiency. To minimize interruptions during office renovations, rent plastic moving bins for storing or moving office supplies and small equipment. GoBAC plastic moving boxes enable interim storage while walls are being painted, floors are under construction, or furniture and supplies are being moved around. They are easy to use and manipulate for all employees, while reducing your corporate environmental impact. Their design allows for easy-access at all times, as well as simple portability and stackability. No assembly, taking apart or disposal of cardboard boxes is necessary. No breaking nails trying to rip open boxes.

GoBAC will drop off, distribute and pick up your boxes at your convenience, and offers competitive commercial rates with tailored service.

Plan and communicate

The renovation will require planning and patience. Be sure to advise and communicate clear plans and instructions to all involved. Create and suggest check-lists of items:

  • desk contents?
  • files?
  • wall items?
  • breakable items?
  • liquids?
  • keys?

Accommodating needs

Depending on the size of the space, your workplace may be under development for a few weeks. In the event of unexpected delays, GoBAC are flexible with accommodating your needs. Keep your workplace belongings safe and protected from possible debris, while maintaining the access required. The plastic moving bins are also lockable in the event certain items require extra security.

A fresh look and feel to your workplace is a sure way to develop harmony and a proper work environment.

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