Things you can do to move green

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Things you can do to move green

Celebrating Earth Day April 22, 2013.

Over 6 million Canadians join 1 billion people in over 170 countries to acknowledge environmental challenges and responsibilities in our daily actions. GoBAC encourages us all to pledge an act of green and think about what can be done to protect the planet.


We are a Quebec company providing the rental of reusable plastic bins as an eco-friendly alternative to buying cardboard boxes. Boxes are purchased from overstock when possible, from Canadian companies, and rented and reused up to 400 times. This means that each GoBAC reusable plastic moving container replaces 400 cardboard boxes.


Millions of people move every year and use cardboard boxes to pack their belongings. It’s time to start thinking outside the box and change how we think about moving. Wasting our Nation’s natural resources to make cardboard boxes that are often used once or twice only then to serve as landfill is no longer necessary with GoBAC reusable moving supplies.


According to waste management sources, non-recycled cardboard is responsible for more than 40% of the composition of landfills. If 100 relocations per month switched to using GoBAC boxes, it would reduce waste by 4 tons of paper per month, the equivalent of 48 tons less per year.


With an average weight of 1.3 lbs per box, the typical residential move would use approximately 80 lbs of cardboard. Over the course of just one year, switching to reusable moving supplies has a direct impact on reducing waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Switch to GoBAC and help save:

  • 816 Trees
  • 3792 Gallons of oil
  • 336,000 Gallons of water
  • 2 Million kilowatts of energy
  • 2880 Gallons of air pollution
  • 144 Cubic yards of landfill space.[1]
GoBAC reusable boxes


It is now possible for all businesses to greatly eliminate their negative environmental impact during a relocation/renovation.

Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to rent eco-friendly and reusable GoBAC boxes for your next move. Order today and save precious trees!

Source : 1 – Le ministère de Développement durable, Environnement, Faune et Parcs Québec

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10 Questions To Ask a Professional Mover

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10 Questions To Ask a Professional Mover

Looking for a Montreal moving company? From moving boxes to storage to the actual move, here are some questions to ask the pros:

1.What are the rates/estimate ?

Find out what the moving rates are, if they are fixed or hourly, and ask for a written copy of the estimate.

2.Are there additional fees ?

Inquire as to whether there are any additional fees for special/additional items or services, insurances.

3.Is the company licensed/Insured ?

Ask about whether this company is licensed. And what is their insurance policy for workers, as well as for your belongings? Does this insurance cover extraordinary valuable items, and are there additional fees?

4.Do they have referrals/recommendations?

Ask if this company can provide referrals and or recommendations from previous clients.

5.What about packing/storing services?

Find out about whether this company offers packing services, and what is their charge? What about storage, short or long-term, and what is the cost?

GoBAC rent plastic moving bins for moving or storage needs.

6.When will your items arrive? What is the expected move time?

Inquire as to the specifics about when you can expect your items to arrive, and what is the estimated duration of the move. These details are important in your planning process.

7.What are the terms of payment?

Ask about how and when you are to pay for their service, as well as what are the payment methods available.

8.What type of equipment, materials does this company use?

It is important to be provided specific information about the type of moving vehicle being used, its size / capacity especially in the event of over-sized or unusual items. What other equipment is provided?

GoBAC rent reusable moving boxes and other moving products.

9.What is their availability?

Make sure to ask about the availability of their moving services. If you are flexible with your time frame, inquire if there is there a better time to move, and if it will affect the rate.

10.How do I prepare?

Ask specifics as to what you may need to do in preparation of your move. For example, doors or windows may need to be removed. A building elevator may need to be reserved in advance. You may decide to pack things in a specific order in cases of multiple locations moving. Let the movers know about any particular concerns you have. Remember to shop around to obtain an estimate / advice from a few companies.

Contact GoBAC for plastic moving box rental services, including delivery and pick up at your door.

Find a professional mover in Montreal

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Office Renos – Love Your New Workspace

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Office Renos – Love Your New Workspace

“Day 1 of office renovations. Time to activate every single stress management technique I have simultaneously.” – Dr. Lydia, ND

Renovating a workplace can be important to reflect the business style and needs, as well as essential to maintenance and repair. If your office needs updating, this is a positive indication that the business has been established long enough to merit the renewal. Change is good.

Optimize space, be cost-efficient

Furniture and walls become worn and or dated. Floors take much damage from workplace traffic. A workspace should have a modern, clean appeal. A renovation can add comfort, use and value. Most importantly, it is key to optimize space while remaining cost-efficient. An office renovation is a large project and many things need to be considered. It can sometimes be a challenge deciding where to begin.

Plastic moving bins for storage

Time-efficiency is money-efficiency. To minimize interruptions during office renovations, rent plastic moving bins for storing or moving office supplies and small equipment. GoBAC plastic moving boxes enable interim storage while walls are being painted, floors are under construction, or furniture and supplies are being moved around. They are easy to use and manipulate for all employees, while reducing your corporate environmental impact. Their design allows for easy-access at all times, as well as simple portability and stackability. No assembly, taking apart or disposal of cardboard boxes is necessary. No breaking nails trying to rip open boxes.

GoBAC will drop off, distribute and pick up your boxes at your convenience, and offers competitive commercial rates with tailored service.

Plan and communicate

The renovation will require planning and patience. Be sure to advise and communicate clear plans and instructions to all involved. Create and suggest check-lists of items:

  • desk contents?
  • files?
  • wall items?
  • breakable items?
  • liquids?
  • keys?

Accommodating needs

Depending on the size of the space, your workplace may be under development for a few weeks. In the event of unexpected delays, GoBAC are flexible with accommodating your needs. Keep your workplace belongings safe and protected from possible debris, while maintaining the access required. The plastic moving bins are also lockable in the event certain items require extra security.

A fresh look and feel to your workplace is a sure way to develop harmony and a proper work environment.

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Cardboard or Plastic?

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Cardboard or Plastic?

When it comes to moving, there are now options to facilitate the move while reducing environmental impact. Consider the task at hand, and what really matters to you in terms of packing and relocating your items. In the end of the day, what makes life easy is what counts. So why choose plastic over cardboard boxes?

Assembled, delivered and secure

Anticipating the to-do’s of a move can actually cause more anxiety than the move itself. So imagine this: with GoBAC plastic moving boxes delivered to your door, they are already assembled and ready to go. No pushing of cardboard boxes into a corner, waiting to be assembled and wishing to be forgotten. The plastic moving bins allow you to get going right away at packing up your belongings. They can fit more than the average cardboard box, are more easily stackable than cardboard and have handles to make lifting easier. In the event of a need to check the contents, your belongings are easily accessible without having to tear open a sealed box. Or if extra security is required, GoBAC plastic bins can be secured with a tie-wrap or lock.

Resistant and reusable

Whether you are planning a self-move or to hire movers, plastic boxes offer numerous solutions and advantages. Plastic bins are not only much more weather resistant than cardboard, but will not leak liquids in the event of a spill. Since they are reusable, any exposure to moisture or spill during your move can easily be quickly cleaned and dried. Plus, GoBAC guarantees that boxes are sanitized. Not to mention, plastic boxes are reusable. Not only is this reducing waste to the environment, but to your individual move as well…since you can easily and immediately unpack and reuse boxes during your rental period, need be.

No hassle

Once at destination, there will be no temptation to have your move tasks linger more than necessary. Your rental agreement period with GoBAC will ensure the appropriate unpacking time, with no hassle of dismantling / storing / disposing of cardboard. The plastic bins are then promptly picked up at your new location, allowing you to complete your move and focus on your new surroundings!

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