An Inside Look at How We Clean Our GoBac Bins

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A very important priority for us, cleaning our GoBac bins is an involved process. As such, we have developed a multi-step system in order to clean and sanitize the bins in the best and most efficient manner possible. This way, when we deliver your GoBac plastic moving boxes you can rest assured that they are as sanitary and hygienic as possible.

Where It All Starts

Every day, when we pick up our GoBac bins from our clients, they are brought to our special facilities in Montreal where they are stored. The building that houses these facilities is set up with a humidity control system that keeps our reusable moving boxes at just the right temperature at all times. This means they are kept nice and cool during the summer and very warm during the winter.

No Dust

Our facilities also have an air circulation system that keeps dust out of the building at all times, 24/7. On top of this, as soon as the bins arrive at the facilities, after pickup, we use air compressors to remove any and all dust that might have accumulated while they were being used, ensuring that they always remain dust-free.

The Cleaning and Sanitizing Process

The first thing we do with our bins once they arrive back at our facilities is check for damaged boxes and remove any labels that may have been left on them.

After that, each GoBac bin is placed on a table and, one by one, is thoroughly washed with a pressure washer system.

Once the cleaning portion is complete, our plastic moving boxes are all placed on a rack to dry. Once dry, the bins are sanitized and inspected to make sure they are all perfectly ready for the next client who will use them.

This same process is also used for the cleaning of our wardrobe boxes.

Cleaning the Green Way

All products that we use as part of the cleaning and sanitizing process are certified as environmentally safe, guaranteed and without exception. On top of this, we implement various other environmentally-friendly practices, such as the recycling of the labels that are used on our GoBac bins.

Dedicated to Our Clients

At GoBac, our number one concern is satisfying the needs of our clients. As such, we are proud of all the positive feedback we have received about our clean and sanitary bins. Please visit our testimonial page to view some of the kind words our clients have to say about GoBac.

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