10 Questions To Ask a Professional Mover

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10 Questions To Ask a Professional Mover

Looking for a Montreal moving company? From moving boxes to storage to the actual move, here are some questions to ask the pros:

1.What are the rates/estimate ?

Find out what the moving rates are, if they are fixed or hourly, and ask for a written copy of the estimate.

2.Are there additional fees ?

Inquire as to whether there are any additional fees for special/additional items or services, insurances.

3.Is the company licensed/Insured ?

Ask about whether this company is licensed. And what is their insurance policy for workers, as well as for your belongings? Does this insurance cover extraordinary valuable items, and are there additional fees?

4.Do they have referrals/recommendations?

Ask if this company can provide referrals and or recommendations from previous clients.

5.What about packing/storing services?

Find out about whether this company offers packing services, and what is their charge? What about storage, short or long-term, and what is the cost?

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6.When will your items arrive? What is the expected move time?

Inquire as to the specifics about when you can expect your items to arrive, and what is the estimated duration of the move. These details are important in your planning process.

7.What are the terms of payment?

Ask about how and when you are to pay for their service, as well as what are the payment methods available.

8.What type of equipment, materials does this company use?

It is important to be provided specific information about the type of moving vehicle being used, its size / capacity especially in the event of over-sized or unusual items. What other equipment is provided?

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9.What is their availability?

Make sure to ask about the availability of their moving services. If you are flexible with your time frame, inquire if there is there a better time to move, and if it will affect the rate.

10.How do I prepare?

Ask specifics as to what you may need to do in preparation of your move. For example, doors or windows may need to be removed. A building elevator may need to be reserved in advance. You may decide to pack things in a specific order in cases of multiple locations moving. Let the movers know about any particular concerns you have. Remember to shop around to obtain an estimate / advice from a few companies.

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